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Storage TipS

RV Storage

Storing your RV in a climate controlled area is vital to prolonging the life of your prized vehicle. Many factors play an important part in keeping your RV running smoothly and preventing damage to the exterior appearance as well. Below you will find a few helpful tips that can help with the basic storage of your RV.

Interior Tips:

-Removal all perishable and non-perishable items out of the fridge and cupboards.

-Empty all holding tanks. This is important to eliminate possible odors and bacteria build-up.

-Carefully clean the interior and feel the carpet for any wet spots to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

-Make sure that appliances are safe and will not malfunction while in storage.

-Always ensure that there are no traces of rodents, insects, etc. You don’t want to revisit your RV to find that your RV has new tenants.

-Defrost the freezer

-Leave the refrigerator, freezer and cabinets open

Exterior Tips:

-Carefully wash the exterior of your RV. Removing bugs and bird droppings will prevent acidic build-up and long term damage to the surface of your RV.

-Clean the RV batteries and remove all corrosion

-Leave your RV plugged into shore power.

-Connecting your RV batteries to a trickle charger (Noco Genius) or battery maintainer will keep your batteries charged while in storage. Neglecting to do this will quickly drain your batteries, leaving you with the only option of replacing your batteries.

 -Park your RV indoors and away from the sun and out of cold temperatures. Without the proper exterior sealant, the sun will fade your fiberglass and painted areas. The sun and heat will also crack the roof and membrane, allowing moisture to enter. The cold temperatures will negatively effect engine components, seals and tires.

-Winterize and Dewinterize your RV

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